Don Crowther

Want to Generate More Qualified Traffic, Sales & Authority With Social Media in 2014?

Here's how...

• How much money should you be putting into it? (Depending on the network that's right for you, again, your strategy should change)

• How do you know if your strategy is working? There are only a handful of key indicators you should be watching. (Hint: You should ignore the usual "vanity" numbers such as number of 'likes', 'shares' etc..)

You've missed the live sessions, but it's not yet too late to secure your own archive copy of these valuable session recordings.

If you want to:

  • Learn how to make Facebook work for you to generate a huge tribe...

  • Tap into the power of the next big thing (Google+) before your competition and profit,

  • Figure out why you can't connect with the right influencers on LinkedIn...

  • Or any of NINE other Superhero Social Media topics that will be VITAL to your success in 2014, then ...

Business owners all over the world asked us to bring them a Superhero Summit especially on Social Media so they could learn the very best and most cutting-edge strategies from people who are actually using Social Media right now to get huge results for themselves and their clients.

Yes, it's true that social media can can drive an insane amount of traffic, leads, referrals & sales into almost any business, but unless you know what you're doing, it more likely to be a confusing, overwhelming "black hole" of time and money.

If you're like most people, you've had to work it out as you've gone along, so it's no wonder you don't have a proven strategy in place to guide you to real, sustainable profits.

• Do you really know which networks you should be targeting right now? (Depending on your industry, the answer should change)


Secure the Superhero Pack for Just $297

These will be the action plans, strategies & checklists you refer back to time and time again in 2014. Save yourself time and hassle by locking in the recordings and ALL the companion resources right away for just $297.

You'll receive:

  • Unlimited online access to all twelve Superhero training sessions to refer back to whenever you wish
  • Complete resource downloads -- we give you the video files, plus 1x-speed and 2x-speed MP3 versions in case you prefer to fly through the content to make the most of your time
  • Complete downloadable PDF transcripts of each session including the all-important Q&A time

What they said about the Summit

How the Superhero Pack Has Helped Other Heroes Just Like You...

Elise 'The Twitter Girl' Quevedo

"This is GOLD!"

This is GOLD! Congrats for doing an incredible job at this summit. A first, worldwide! It is my honor to have been a part of this incredible event.... I love all the superheroes' knowledge!!! I too have learnt a lot!

Elise 'The Twitter Girl' Quevedo

Author, Create a Kick-Ass Attitude

Jurgen Homola

"The best I've ever attended"

Just want to totally commend you Marisa. You guys have put together something which is absolutely amazing... Thank you for TONS of info - as usual!!! I think you need to show other IM - some who call themselves GURUS - how to do VALUE Webinars!!! Superhero Summit ROCKS!!! The best I've ever attended. ALWAYS FILLED to the brim!!!

Jurgen Homola

Group Chairman & CEO, AJHF Group, Inc.

Tanya Kersey

"A Game Changer!"

You guys rock. This was GREAT!!!!!!! The Social Media Superhero Summit was amazing ... a definite game-changer for me! Priceless information!

Tanya Kersey

Founder, Hollywood Black Film Festival

Donna Kim-Brand

"This Is Superb!"

This is superb -- Paul is da MAN! Always learn so much from him, as long as my ears are ready for super speed learning! This whole program has been excellence personified!

Donna Kim-Brand

Stephanie Ritz


Seriously amazing presentations. Thanks so much for getting my gears in motion!

Stephanie Ritz

Owner, Virtual Lefty

Roe DeSaro

"The Most Value-Rich Content"

You guys are the best. Seriously, some of the most value-rich content I have come across.

Roe DeSaro

Co-author, Network To Increase Your Net Worth

Kevin Tambling

"Great content. No filler."

This is the best online seminar I've ever attended. Great tech, great content, no filler.

Kevin Tambling

Search Engine Optimization Specialist & Internet Marketing Web Designer at Accelerated Global

Michael Bloom

"Best seller"

Beautiful job with this Summit - Congrats to the team. Great session. Love our SuperHeroes! I meet awesome people on LinkedIn and ready to take it to the next level. This Superhero Summit could make a best-selling book.

Michael Bloom

President, Caregiving Without Regret

Debbie Sands

"I'm learning SOO MUCH!"

This is brilliant marketing info. I'm learning SOOO MUCH!! Have sat through too many of these webinars to count but this series rocks!!! I'm standing and clapping!!!

Debbie Sands

Owner, DJS Consultant Services

Kyria Lockheart

"Can't Keep Up!"

Thank you so much for all the amazing content! There is so much good info here I am having a hard time keeping up on notes lol :) This is amazing. I learned a lot again this was an honor and blessing thank you soooo much!!!!!!

Kyria Lockheart

Owner, Lockheart Photography

Mary Simon


Thank YOU Marisa. Another Outstanding share of info and teaching us how to improve and grow our businesses. Learned a Massive Amount.

Mary Simon

Co-owner, MatchedMedia

Mary Ann


This was excellent! I've been on Social Media from nearly the beginning. Learned more in less than an hour than I have in these past years of using it!

Mary Ann

Owner, Change of Art

Mary K. Rachel


I am going to have to watch this again just to get all this information:) So AMAZING!!!! Thank You!!!

Mary K. Rachel

It Works Global

Andy Thompson

"Great Content!"

Great content! The $297 price tag for the replay pack is a JOKE! Marisa should be charging $497 minimum for this gold. I can’t imagine anyone who applies these tips not earning the investment back many times over, very quickly. Great content!

Andy Thompson

Here's what we covered over 12 Days of the summit

Check out the 20+ hours of superhero Social Media training you get...

Don Crowther

How to Create A Social Media List-Building Machine

With Don Crowther

How to quickly & easily move your social media audience to your email list & have a sales conversation on YOUR terms instead of theirs.

Nik Halik

Invisibility to VISIBILITY. How to create MASSIVE passive cashflow and outsource your life

With Nik Halik

Travis Ketchum

How to Easily Attract 1000s of Qualified Leads With Free Viral Contests

With Travis Ketchum

How to get 1000s qualified leads into your business by running viral contests on social media that don't cost you any money


Connecting & engaging your social media audience through video

With Mia Davies

How & where to use video in your social networks & funnels to increase trust so that when it's time to ask for the sale, they're ready & eager to buy.

Jason Fladlien

Google+ - The next big, untapped opportunity

With Jason Fladlien

How to Legally Siphon Off Thousands of Targeted Google+ Followers Into Your Mailing List, Free!

Victoria Gibson

Facebook Ads: What's Working Right Now

With Victoria Gibson

Discover the Top 3 strategies that are working RIGHT NOW to generate more leads and traffic on Facebook.


7 Strategies to Get More Traffic, Leads and Sales from Pinterest

With Andreea Ayers

How to Use Pinterest to Build a Reliable & Profitable Stream of Traffic to Your Website, Day In, Day Out.

Paul Colligan

Generating Instant Authority, Leads & Income with 'Multicasting'

With Paul Colligan

Multicasting is a new way to instantly distribute your content to the world so you can get exposure, grow your list exponentially, build a following, and become an instantly recognized authority.


The Truth About How To Really Build a Profitable Business On Facebook Without Spending A Cent

With Steven May

The complete A-Z plan for building a 6-figure business using Facebook covering your page, brand, content, posts, links and exactly how to sell any product or service.


Twitter Domination

With Elise Quevedo

Elise is known as 'Twitter Girl' for very good reason. Her techniques have earned her a following of almost a half a million followers. In this session Elise will show you how you can dominate Twitter in your niche, fast and grow a huge adoring tribe of hundreds of thousands of people around your business or brand


LinkedIn Tactics To Get Thousands of Influential Referrals

With Josh Turner

How to attract and motivate the most influential referral sources in your market and get them to refer you to their network.

Marisa Murgatroyd

Be the Superhero to Your Tribe: Personal Branding Secrets for Standing Out on Social Media & Beyond

With Marisa Murgatroyd

Be the Superhero to Your Tribe: Personal Branding Secrets for Standing Out on Social Media & Beyond

Just $297 For All This!

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